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Featured Team Member

Featured Team Member Morgan Davies

Featured Team Member

Morgan Davies is a recent graduate from Algonquin College, where she earned a degree in Business Marketing and Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. During her academic journey, she actively managed multiple client-based projects, gaining valuable hands-on experience.


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Ottawa Catholic School Board

Ottawa Catholic School Board

eSAFE extends beyond industrial manufacturing facilities; we also play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of students. Collaborating with educational institutions, like the Ottawa Catholic School Board, our services are integral to maintaining electrical safety standards.


Welcome to eSAFE

eSAFE specializes in fast and convenient on-site approvals of electrical equipment to CSA Codes and Standards for Canada. This is done under the Field Evaluation program (CSA SPE-1000) or by Field Certification (Scheme Type 1b).

Field Approvals (whether Field Evaluation, or Field Certification) are what we do exclusively, and we make it our business to be the best.

eSAFE is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as an Inspection Body (ISO 17020) and Certification Body (ISO 17065). As an accredited approval agency, eSAFE is authorized to evaluate and label equipment for electrical safety. Once your equipment bears our label, it can be legally used or sold anywhere in Canada. eSAFE inspectors are trained in OESC and have on average, 25 years of experience in the field, and are fully supported by a team of dedicated and solution-oriented engineers.

eSAFE has its roots in an organization that has been a Canadian leader in electrical safety since 1915. Having earned a reputation of excellence in electrical safety for over 100 years, eSAFE has evolved to become an independent field evaluation and certification agency and operates at arm's length from the regulator.