eSAFE Certification

Approving for Safe Use

Certification is an evaluation and approval process which is conducted to determine compliance with a specific CSA Standard. Certification can be done for any product, whether intended for a hazardous location or non-hazardous.

eSAFE has a highly-experienced staff of Hazardous Location specialists that perform certification of equipment in the Hazloc category, as well as general location equipment certifications. Our scope of certification services cover equipment that is used in explosive atmospheres as well as equipment to be used in general purpose locations. eSAFE uses a state of the art quality management system with built-in safeguards to ensure that the correct process is followed in a hazardous area equipment certification. Our quality management system is regularly audited by the Standards Council of Canada to ensure we are in full compliance with ISO-17065. When your equipment has our mark of approval, you can rest assured that we have met the safety and legal requirements to authorize the use of that equipment anywhere in Canada. As an organization that has been in the electrical equipment inspections business for over 100 years, we bring relevant skills and experience to every job. Over the years we have evaluated everything from gas power plants, to food processing and pharmaceutical equipment.

Our approach is simple: Safety & Professionalism to deliver a great customer experience.

We are experienced with evaluating equipment that originates from foreign manufacturers. Even if it does not have local approvals from Canadian approval agencies, we can utilize documentation through the IECEx scheme and International Member Country agreements (As authorized by the Standards Council of Canada), to make use of existing approvals to save on certification efforts.

Our Certification mark of approval appears below:

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