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Tanya Krackovic – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Tanya Krackovic – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 7, 2023

In honour of International Women’s Day, eSAFE is celebrating the amazing feats accomplished by women in the electrical trades. As part of our celebration, we are highlighting women who have made a positive impact in our field, thanking them for all the hard work they do.

Meet Tanya Krackovic:

Tanya Krackovic works at eCAMION Inc. A veteran of 8 years in the industry, Tanya is deeply passionate about her work and her commitment to sustainability and creating opportunities for others. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. Tanya has come across a few hurdles during her journey. She was the only female collaborator in her workplace when she first started out, which was intimidating.

“There were few female collaborators, STEM-trained or otherwise, in the early days.  It can feel daunting to be the only female lens at the executive table. I realized very quickly that holding back my opinions would not serve me or the mandate.  I felt most aligned, therefore most empowered, when I succinctly gave voice to the assumptions that underpinned my point of view,” Krackovic explains.

She also found that navigating the complexities of the industry required her to take risks and get comfortable with learning quickly, often failing fast in the process.

Tanya whole-heartedly believes more young women can succeed in a career in her industry, saying:

“I encourage full engagement! Let your intent and unbridled enthusiasm guide your interest in the CleanTech ecosystem.  There is a plethora of amazing solutions and no end to the ways in which we can co-create value.  If you're uncertain about your options, get onto LinkedIn and ask for informational interviews.  Find a mentor!”

At eSAFE, we believe Tanya is an inspiration for many women looking to pursue a similar career. We are proud to celebrate Tanya and the many other females contributing to the success of this field. Here’s to continuing to create a more equitable and equal space for all women in the electrical industry!