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Taraneh Azizi – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Taraneh Azizi – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 1, 2023

At eSAFE, we believe that true success and innovation come from diverse perspectives and an industry that champions the participation of all genders. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we will be dedicating the month of March to honouring the amazing women in the electrical industry – recognizing the remarkable contributions women make to our field.

Meet Taraneh Azizi:

Taraneh Azizi currently serves as a Software Engineering Lead at InspecTech Analygas Group. She has over twenty-five years of industry experience within the Telecommunications, Automotive, Gas, and Oil industries. In her current role, she designs and develops both backend and frontend software, crafting user manuals, and supplying training to customers.

Taraneh relishes the diversity of her duties, and the multiplicity of skill sets she has to deploy to fulfill them.

“As most of our systems are custom designed for the application, each new project proposes new and unique challenges. Having to research to overcome these challenges with the best possible solution keeps things fresh and exciting,” – says Azizi.

Her colleagues have always been welcoming and respectful, yet when she works with an on-site client as the sole woman, Taraneh is reminded of the male-dominated nature of the profession. Despite this, she still enthuses other young females to consider this line of work, as it tests their skills and encourages them to learn.

“I’d like to share with young women thinking about their future that you have great potential ahead of you. Pursue your passion, and do not be afraid to change course when it feels right. Quit often, quit early!” encourages Azizi.

We hope that Taraneh’s story will inspire young women to pursue their dreams and work in a field they are passionate about. We salute her and the other amazing women in the electrical industry that have led the charge, paving the way to break barriers and create a better future for all of us.