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What is a Field Evaluation?

What is a Field Evaluation?

November 13, 2020

Electrical products MUST be approved for electrical safety before sale. This is a requirement put on manufactures and importers by the Canadian Electrical Code in order to keep the general public safe. For this to be accomplished, the items need to go through a “field evaluation”. To understand more about what that means, let’s take a deeper look into the process.


What is a Field Evaluation?


It is a process where unapproved products can be evaluated on-site to ensure they meet the requirements mandated by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Larger quantities need to be certified, which is an entirely different process, but for smaller batches of electrical equipment, the approval is done by field evaluation, a process that follows the CSA SPE-1000 Model Code.


The SPE-1000 Model Code requires certain mandatory and non-destructive tests be conducted, as applicable. An ESAFE Inspector is able to perform most of the required tests at your facility.


If a unit does not meet the requirements, your ESAFE Inspector will provide you with a report containing helpful information and the alterations needed. ESAFE is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process until your equipment is deemed safe.


After a successful inspection, ESAFE will confirm your electrical equipment as approved and apply a label on the unit. At that point, it can then be legally sold anywhere in Canada.


Who can complete a Field Evaluation?


The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) recognizes certification bodies and field evaluation agencies, such as ESAFE, who are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. This means they have the experience and knowledge needed to declare electrical equipment as safe for use and sale.


The electrical equipment approval process can be found in section 2 of Ontario Regulation 438/07. It is law that ALL electrical products must be certified or evaluated before they can be sold in Canada. Not complying carries a heavy consequence, and if convicted a person can be fined upwards of $50,000 (and be imprisoned up to one year), while a corporation can be fined a staggering $1,000,000. (Where did we source this info on the fines?)


The reality is – SAFETY should be the number one priority. At ESAFE, we have a long history of being a recognized authority in this area. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and skill to ensure your equipment is safe. What’s more is, we genuinely care and will support you throughout every step of the process.


That’s our Service Beyond Standard guarantee.


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