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What Sets Us Apart - Our People

What Sets Us Apart - Our People

May 10, 2017

ESAFE has earned a reputation for excellent service over our 100 years of electrical equipment field approvals. We serve companies in Canada and all around the world, with safety as our main concern, and we rely on the people working for ESAFE to further our reputation with every inspection.

ESAFE field inspectors are highly trained and knowledgeable, each with many years of experience. We believe we have the best field inspection staff in the business and are extremely proud of our customer service and quality records. Customers have come to expect the highest level of customer service, a fast response time and knowledge of Electrical Codes and Standards that we aim to exceed with every certification.

Our inspectors are supported by a team of engineers and administrative support staff. ESAFE’s dedicated engineers are solution oriented, providing the inspectors the tools they need to complete evaluations and certifications to the highest standards with great efficiency. Our administration team is kind, experienced and is extremely customer focused, ensuring every customer is responded to as quickly as possible.

With over 100, 000 equipment approvals issued each year, you can count on the ESAFE team to deliver. From hazardous locations to medical devices and production machines and more, ESAFE is proud of our reputation for safety, experience, integrity, knowledge and peace of mind for every customer.