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Cassie Caveen - Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Cassie Caveen - Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 21, 2023

This March, eSAFE is celebrating International Women's Day by spotlighting the amazing female talent in the electrical industry. We are inspired by women like Cassie who have demonstrated what is possible when we embrace our passion, skills, and ambition. We invite you to join us this month on a journey to honour the accomplishments and success of some talented women in our field.


Meet Cassie Caveen:


Cassie Caveen has been working for The State Group as an electrical pre-apprentice for almost one year. She has found that she enjoys the trades because of the variability they offer from day to day and has taken advantage of the opportunity to learn, something that she believes to have increased her confidence level.


Prior to employment by the State Group, Cassie did face some resistance in getting started in her career.


“Personally, I found it very difficult to get my foot in the door when I tried to contact electrical companies on my own. Over the phone, email, in person, nothing seemed to work and I was dismissed quickly. I’m unsure whether this was due to my gender, lack of contacts or connections, minimum hands-on experience, or if they were actually unable to hire anyone at this time. But I applied like a lot of other people to the IBEW 353 intake in 2020 and luckily made it in!”, Caveen says.


To get a leg up in the market, Cassie recommends taking advantage of shop classes, co-ops, and other optional courses in high school, along with seeking out a job as a general labourer to start learning the tools. She views the skilled trades as a great field, one which has widened her viewpoints and provided her with a varied array of skills she has been able to apply elsewhere.


After almost one year, Cassie is still thoroughly enjoying her job and is looking forward to many more, explaining:


“All in all the skilled trades are a great field and ever-changing and constantly growing. I’ve gained new confidence in my abilities and even in my home life. Everything you learn is applicable to so many different things you don’t even realize it. I’ve really found myself in this job and field; quite often I would find myself thinking about quitting and leaving within three to six months at a new job. But since being employed by The State Group I haven’t even thought about it, I’m still here enjoying the job almost one year later, and here is to many more!”.

Great work Cassie! The eSAFE team is cheering you on as you continue your career in the electrical industry.