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CSA Standards

CSA Standards

January 28, 2021

We talk a lot about the importance of adherence to the CSA codes and standards but what does that mean? While we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your electrical equipment is safe for use and sale in Canada, it’s important that our customers understand the process. Here are some common questions we get:


What does CSA stand for?


CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association. They are accredited by the SCC (or Standards Council of Canada) as a standard development organization. The Canadian Electrical Code is a nationwide standard published by the CSA and it has to do with the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Is approval to CSA standards required in Canada for my electrical products?

Short answer is yes. All provinces have adopted CSA electrical standards. That means product approval is a must for any electrical products being sold or installed.

What is the purpose of the CSA?

It’s about leveling the playing field and ensuring equality of safety is achieved across the nation for electrical products and machinery. They promote efficient and effective standardization and are held to internationally recognized criteria and procedures.

How do I get my electrical product approved to CSA standards?

That’s easy! Complete our online application form by clicking the “arrange inspection” button at the top of your screen and we will guide you through the following:


1. Identify the applicable standards for your product

2. Determine the necessary product approval procedure

3. Evaluate the product to the applicable codes and standards

4. Affix the appropriate ESAFE product approval label

5. That’s it! Your product approval is complete. Your product can be traded, sold, and installed in Canada


At ESAFE, we are experts in ensuring your electrical products and equipment are approved to the required CSA codes and standards. We are here to help you through the entire process. If your equipment doesn’t meet the safety criteria needed, we will walk you through what steps to take for a successful product approval.