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Diana Madill - Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Diana Madill - Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 27, 2023

To celebrate International Women's Day, eSAFE is shining a spotlight on the amazing accomplishments of female electrical professionals throughout March. We are particularly inspired by Diana and the many other women who have put their skills and hard work to use to advance our industry. Join us this month as we honor all of the incredible women revolutionizing the electrical trade!


Meet Diana Madill:


Diana Madill is a Technical Advisor at the Electrical Safety Authority. She has almost 30 years' worth of experience in the electrical industry, starting off as a co-op student at a local wastewater treatment facility while in high school. She is passionate about her career because it gives her an opportunity to hone her knowledge and skills while helping others with their day-to-day challenges.


“As a technical advisor, I have found the perfect career for me because it incorporates my favorite aspects of every position I have had along the way such as teaching, researching, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and most of all working directly with people assisting them in their day to day challenges. I really enjoy being able to use and share my accumulated knowledge and experience to improve electrical safety while at the same time, continuing to learn something new almost every single day”, explains Diana.


Diana initially faced hurdles when attempting to get into the electrical industry, including being turned down for positions at utility companies due to a lack of experience. Despite the initial rejections, she persevered and eventually found a job with a local electrical contractor. Since then, she has continued to develop and learn in the industry, resulting in her current role at the Electrical Safety Authority.


“From my very first day on the job, it was so clear to me it was the right choice.  I loved the work and the people I worked with.  My co-workers became like family and some of them, I keep in contact with to this day, 20 years later.  There were the usual and expected hurdles along the way to where I am today but none so large as to discourage me from my path – each one simply saw me dig in further and work harder to overcome it.  With all of these things now behind me, I can look back and be thankful for the experience as it was these trials that have made me who I am and fuelled my passion to help others succeed in the trades too,” she says.



For those young women looking to break into the industry, Diana offers that the hardest part is taking the first step. Despite the difficulties in the job, perseverance and hard work will always be rewarded, sharing:


“Today there are incredible networks of women in trades supporting other women and joining these groups in person or even just online can be an important way to realize there are many others with the same questions, concerns, and apprehensions.  I think we all feel nervous about how we’ll be treated, if we can do the work, and if we’ll be accepted.  I promise if you work hard, you’ll not only become a valued member of the crew, you’ll probably end up running it one day!”


Thank you, Diana, for blazing a trail for young women in our industry. Your successful career is a great example of what is possible for the future of the electrical trades.