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Marian Bohlken – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Marian Bohlken – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 8, 2023

At eSAFE, we are celebrating International Women’s Day throughout the whole month of March by highlighting successful women in the electrical industry. It is amazing to see what can be achieved when talented and passionate individuals like Marian are given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Meet Marian Bohlken:

Marian Bohlken is a Technical Supervisor at Tiercon, a plastic factory in Oshawa that makes parts for the automotive industry. Marian began working in the plastic industry in 1978. From her position as a Technical Supervisor, she is responsible for troubleshooting electrical systems, designing new circuits, working with outside contractors, and more.

When Marian started her career, she was one of the very few women in the skilled trades. She benefited from working an extremely supportive team that helped nurture and develop her skills.

“I was fortunate that I began this career path in a supportive environment that allowed me to further develop my skills and knowledge. Finding the right fit is important and will make all the difference to young women starting out,” she explains.

However, when Marian then started as Service Manager, at first, not everyone was ready for a woman to be the one fixing things – definitely not as accepting as her colleagues had been.

“As a Service Manager, providing technical support over the phone, I all too often found myself talking to someone who was convinced the woman’s voice on the other end couldn’t possibly be “technical” support,” says Bohlken.

Marian learned to be direct, emphasizing that she could help, and eventually her reputation grew as she was able to show her expertise. She has now been in the industry for 45 years and encourages young women considering the trades to take a broad approach to their career path and to find a mentor, advising:

“Whether it’s another woman in a similar role or someone who has a passion for sharing their knowledge; find a mentor!  A good mentor will not only help develop your expertise but can also help guide your career path and even help with understanding the nuances of your company and industry.”

Marian also emphasizes the importance of continuing to learn new skills and taking every opportunity for courses and certifications, as it will make you more in demand and opens up potential opportunities later in your career. After 45 years of learning every day, Marian believes that this might just be the key to her success.

We are so excited to honour Marian this month and will continue to share more inspirational stories of successful women in the industry…so stay tuned!