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Service Beyond Standard

Service Beyond Standard

April 9, 2018

Our Commitment to “Service Beyond Standard”

At ESAFE, “Service Beyond Standard” is more than just a tagline, it is a commitment to our customers, to our team, and from our organization as a whole. We are dedicated to leading the way in electrical safety, through field evaluation and certification, across Canada and around the world.

A History of Excellence

With over 100 years of experience, ESAFE is rooted in an organization widely known as the Canadian leader in electrical safety, since 1915. Evolving to become an independent field evaluation and certification organization, ESAFE continues to earn our reputation for outstanding service by finding innovative solutions to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment – helping countless companies, organizations and individuals remain safe, efficient, and cost effective.

Our Strength is in Our People

When ESAFE customers were surveyed in 2017, it provided evidence for a fact we have always known to be true - our highest asset as an organization is our team. When asked to rate the knowledge of ESAFE inspectors, the responses averaged an overwhelmingly high 6.18 out of 7, with 51% of respondents rating it as a 7.

At ESAFE, we are proud to have the most qualified team in the country. Every inspector is highly trained in Ontario Electrical Safety Code, averaging 25 years of valuable field experience. While our inspectors are the face of ESAFE, they are supported by a team of highly educated, innovative engineers and an administration team dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

A Label You Can Trust

ESAFE is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, allowing us to approve and label electrical equipment as safe for use – something we don’t take lightly. In the 2017 customer survey, when asked what word comes to mind when you hear “ESAFE”, the number one response was “safety”. You can rest assured, once your equipment bears the well known and respected ESAFE label, it is certified as safe and can be legally used or sold anywhere in Canada.

The ESAFE team completes more field evaluations each year than any other organization in Canada; That’s over 90,000 times each year we prove our commitment to “Service Beyond Standard”. With unmatched knowledge of Canadian Codes and Standards, a strong team dedicated to safety, and an approval label that is respected and accepted in every “Authority Having Jurisdiction” across Canada…you can trust ESAFE as your leader in electrical safety!

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