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Yiran Wang – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

Yiran Wang – Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

March 1, 2023

To mark International Women's Day on March 8th, eSAFE is celebrating the incredible female contributors to the electrical industry throughout the month of March. We believe that embracing diversity leads to success and innovation and we are committed to promoting an industry that welcomes the participation of all genders.

Meet Yiran Wang:

Yiran Wang is a Mechanical Design Engineer at Jule, a Toronto-based energy storage and EV fast-charging solution company, who has just started working in the electrical industry this past year.

At Jule, Wang thoroughly enjoys the ability to collaborate with individuals from different professional backgrounds, such as engineering disciplines, technicians, and machinists. The Electrical Engineers at Jule have played a significant role in Yiran's personal and professional development by sharing industry experience and knowledge to assist in understanding electrical safety measures.

“An important tip I would give young women getting into the industry is to always focus on the objectives set out, despite potential barriers faced by being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Don’t allow gender-stereotyped perceptions to impact one’s performance at work. You can’t control how people view you; all you can do is perform your job to the best of your ability. At times it is not easy to ignore the negative words of co-workers, but it is vital to keep in mind that you are not defined by what others say of you. Ultimately no matter what gender or background one comes from, the ability to successfully carry out one’s responsibilities will always speak for an individual,” says Wang.

As a designer, Yiran continually encounters unique production and design challenges that let her use her creativity and curiosity to reach a novel solution. She strongly encourages young women in the industry to actively participate in team decisions and feel empowered in their profession.

Yiran is eager to learn and grow as a professional and is inspired by female role models in her industry.

Wang explains, “It is encouraging to see more workplaces actively working towards implementing gender-neutral environments. I vehemently believe that my achievements will come from my persistence and hard work, regardless of gender.”

At eSAFE, creating a diverse and inclusive working environment is essential to maintaining a successful work culture. We are so thankful for Yiran Wang’s valuable insight and her commitment to pushing our industry forward. We hope that hearing Yiran's story will encourage the next generation of female engineers to become leaders in the electrical industry. Let's continue to celebrate International Women's Day and champion female professionals throughout the month of March!